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May 16

12 Reasons Why Investment Writing is NOTHING LIKE Game of Thrones

If you’ve even glanced at a financial-news site during the past month, you’ll be well aware that Game of Thrones, HBO’s turbo-sadistic version of Downton Abbey, is back on our screens – every episode generates a startling amount of internet coverage. And that’s not all: these stories are flanked by sidebar and footer links with […]

October 03

“One of these days, I’m gonna get organiz-ized…”

So said Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver, during an excruciating attempt to sustain an onscreen conversation. But discomfort surrounding the word ‘organized’ isn’t limited to an awkward date with social activist Travis Bickle. In fact, it’s an example of a long-running misconception about British versus American English. A common complaint of wannabe pedants is that […]