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April 21

10 Tips For How Finance Marketers Can Navigate Compliance

If you work in financial marketing, you really should be best buddies with the people in compliance. Both departments have the same goal: to create literature that will promote the business, engage the customer, sell the product and comply with strict guidelines. So why, when marketing and compliance get together, does it feel like battle lines […]

March 07

6 Top Tips For Writing Successful Fixed Income Commentary

Bonds. Just the word itself can be enough to bring investment writers out in hives. Deemed difficult by some and boring by others, bonds are like the shambling drunk at the party. No-one wants to get up close and personal. For your average investor, that’s a problem. Lots of people up and down the country, […]

February 26

8 Bits of Financial Jargon That Must Go — But Won’t

Few things divide like jargon. While inspiring terror or teeth-gnashing rage in communications pros, people using such language might meet it with a shrug of indifference or, worse, a glint of pride. So what, you might reasonably ask, is so bad about jargon? Though often superficially appealing – and, we’ll grudgingly admit, useful to financial […]

February 11

Smoothie Talker

Ah, Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent, the smoothie company – he’s young, hip, good looking, with pirate hair, a touch of stubble AND he’s a super-successful multi-millionaire. If central casting were to design an entrepreneur from scratch, they would probably come up with Richard Reed. He was the guest speaker at a conference I went […]