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April 05

Why I’m off Facebook (and staying off)

I deleted my Facebook four months ago, and I don’t miss it. Neither the racist memes (thanks, Auntie), nor the photos of kids I’ll never meet, nor the diatribes against the Great Starbucks Injustices my friends faced on their journeys back from yoga. If you really spent £1,200 to fly to that locale just so […]

August 20

Craic is Wack

This September will mark one year that I’ve been living in Glasgow, Scotland, and not in my hometown of Detroit, Michigan. One full year of gale-force winds from whatever sea I hope we’re living near, one full year of people asking me if I’ve been to Tenerife yet, one full year of occasionally buying a […]

November 25

Black Friday, I’m in Love

Farah Harajli, Detroit’s unofficial cultural ambassador to the City of Glasgow, discusses America’s annual shopping phenomenon. Black Friday is probably the one day of the year when more deaths occur in Detroit’s surrounding suburbs than in the actual city. Oh, someone was shot over an LED television? I hope it was at least a Samsung […]