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May 16

12 Reasons Why Investment Writing is NOTHING LIKE Game of Thrones

If you’ve even glanced at a financial-news site during the past month, you’ll be well aware that Game of Thrones, HBO’s turbo-sadistic version of Downton Abbey, is back on our screens – every episode generates a startling amount of internet coverage. And that’s not all: these stories are flanked by sidebar and footer links with […]

March 29

Copylab Hits the Freedom Trail

I’m excited to announce today that we’re opening an office in America – Copylab’s first venture outside the UK. After more than a year of research and planning, we’ve decided to begin our overseas expansion by setting up shop in Boston, Massachusetts. (See here and here for media coverage of our expansion.) The aim of […]

February 24

Infographic: 7 Top Tips For Writing a Successful Fund Commentary

Following on from our recent blog post on this very topic, here are our top tips for writers looking to nail those fund commentaries:

January 05

C-O-P-Y-L-A-B’s 7 Top Tips for Writing a Successful Fund Commentary

Writing effective fund commentary is an art. Sure, it relies heavily on cold, hard data, but turning those swirls of statistics into something elegant, concise and, above all, clear requires a precise mix of discipline and inspiration. At Copylab, we’ve written a few fund commentaries in our time, so here’s our guide to bringing out the […]

October 09

Three things I’ve learned as an investment writer

Between the 15 or so regular writers that steer the good ship Copylab, we’ve gathered over 200 years’ experience in writing, investing and investment writing. That’s more than 800 quarter ends. Along with the deep mental scars that entails, we’ve all learned a few things along the way. So we thought we’d share some of […]

October 01

Seven Great Tools For Investment Writers

1) City Falcon For the time-pressed investment writer, it is a crushingly familiar tale: you need to know – now – why that Brazilian sugar refiner sparkled during the month, or what drove that Swiss auto-parts giant over the speculative cliff. That’s where newcomer City Falcon comes in. Basically an aggregator of financial news, City […]