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February 18

For whom the bellwether tolls

The financial industry is, as we all know, blighted by jargon, clichés and ill-advised metaphors. For the most part, we, at Copylab, will pounce upon these with gusto, wielding our red pens with ferocious purpose. But there are a few that we’re happy to let pass (now and then, at least). In our view, there’s […]

February 04

Happy Days are Here Again

When Orson Welles was doing his turn as ne’er-do-well Harry Lime in The Third Man (1949), he is said to have added his famous Ferris-wheel speech to the script to better explain his character’s bad deeds. Atop the well-known landmark (the Wiener Riesenrad) in post-war Vienna, he described to his confused friend, played by Joseph […]