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April 20

The Accidental Feminist: How Copylab Is Helping the 30% Club

I’m proud that we’re a discriminating employer. And that we discriminate on the basis of one single characteristic – talent. When it comes to recruitment, we’ve honed our process in the course of hiring more than 35 full-time, part-time and freelance writers in the past three years. Our obsession is in testing the talent of […]

March 29

Copylab Hits the Freedom Trail

I’m excited to announce today that we’re opening an office in America – Copylab’s first venture outside the UK. After more than a year of research and planning, we’ve decided to begin our overseas expansion by setting up shop in Boston, Massachusetts. (See here and here for media coverage of our expansion.) The aim of […]

January 27

5 Vital Search Tips for Investment Writers

Here are five hints – or are we supposed to call them hacks these days? – that can help improve our ability to search on Google. Yes, I know, everyone knows how to type in “UK GDP Q2” and get some decent results. But what if you’re looking for something more unusual, such as: why an obscure […]

December 14

Merry Christmas from Copylab

Dear Copylab clients, friends and family, I’d like to thank you all for continuing to support Copylab in 2015. It’s been a pleasure to work with you on so many exciting and successful projects. We know you’re waiting excitedly for your Copylab Christmas card to arrive. We know it’s the highlight of your year to […]

November 20

Setting the Standard: An Interview With Standard Life’s Senior Copywriter Ewan Ashford

Copylab founder Ross Hunter met up with Ewan Ashford, an ex-writing colleague from their days together at the Pru and now a Senior Copywriter at Standard Life. They talked tone of voice, style guides and being a language ambassador in a big company. When Standard Life launched its new ‘Frank and Supportive’ tone of voice […]

October 09

Three things I’ve learned as an investment writer

Between the 15 or so regular writers that steer the good ship Copylab, we’ve gathered over 200 years’ experience in writing, investing and investment writing. That’s more than 800 quarter ends. Along with the deep mental scars that entails, we’ve all learned a few things along the way. So we thought we’d share some of […]

December 12

More wood, less fluff

We write and edit a lot of words every year. I don’t know how many exactly, but it’s well over a million. And even though we’re living in an increasingly digital world, a lot of our words end up being printed out. That’s a lot of paper, a lot of print and a lot of […]

November 18

Where are we going? (Part 2)

The Santander mission to Brazil has moved on from business capital São Paolo to cultural capital Rio de Janeiro. So what have been the key moments from the second half of my visit? First of all, it’s clear there’s more to Rio than tourism, though football, beaches, caipirinhas, churrascarias and samba do figure highly. There’s […]

November 12

Where are we going? (Part 1)

Pop quiz. Here’s three experiences I’ve had this week – let’s see if you can guess where I am? My taxi driver rounded down the fare by 20% when he took a wrong turn. As we walked along a side street, another driver stopped his car to ask if we were lost and helped us […]

October 31

Copylab consciously uncouples

Who gets the thrash-metal collection? The celebratory whisky bottle? Custody of Paul? These are the difficult questions we’ve had to face today at Copylab. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve opened up an Edinburgh office at 2 Walker Street. In an amicable separation, the “Edinbuggers” among us have departed “Weejieland”, as vibrant Glasgow is […]