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May 16

12 Reasons Why Investment Writing is NOTHING LIKE Game of Thrones

If you’ve even glanced at a financial-news site during the past month, you’ll be well aware that Game of Thrones, HBO’s turbo-sadistic version of Downton Abbey, is back on our screens – every episode generates a startling amount of internet coverage. And that’s not all: these stories are flanked by sidebar and footer links with […]

March 07

6 Top Tips For Writing Successful Fixed Income Commentary

Bonds. Just the word itself can be enough to bring investment writers out in hives. Deemed difficult by some and boring by others, bonds are like the shambling drunk at the party. No-one wants to get up close and personal. For your average investor, that’s a problem. Lots of people up and down the country, […]

March 04

The Mothers of Investment

Copylab mothers, we salute you. So, in honour of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together all the best pearls of financial wisdom handed down to us from our mothers – and even our grandmothers. Now, if only we could follow them… Start contributing to your pension when you’re young.  Clear your debts as fast as possible. […]

January 27

5 Vital Search Tips for Investment Writers

Here are five hints – or are we supposed to call them hacks these days? – that can help improve our ability to search on Google. Yes, I know, everyone knows how to type in “UK GDP Q2” and get some decent results. But what if you’re looking for something more unusual, such as: why an obscure […]

January 05

C-O-P-Y-L-A-B’s 7 Top Tips for Writing a Successful Fund Commentary

Writing effective fund commentary is an art. Sure, it relies heavily on cold, hard data, but turning those swirls of statistics into something elegant, concise and, above all, clear requires a precise mix of discipline and inspiration. At Copylab, we’ve written a few fund commentaries in our time, so here’s our guide to bringing out the […]

December 16

The Top 5 Most Giftable Writing Guides

As it’s the season of gifting – and we happen to know a few people who make a living off the written word – we’ve put together a list of the top five loveliest writing manuals to give this December. The below editions of some of the best-loved guides are as aesthetically pleasing as they […]

December 08

Making it count: how to shorten your copy in 10 easy steps

This is the first in a series of “how to” blogs in which we’ll explore some of the tricks of our trade. Most writers often have to work to specific word counts. These limits may seem arbitrary but are usually due to the space available in templates or typeset documents. Your first draft of an […]

November 30

6 Key Takeaways from the Investment Week Marketing & Social Media Conference

Investment Week’s social media conference took place last Friday, bringing together an illustrious cast of industry thinkers, digital leaders and legal experts. Here are some of the key points we heard: 1. For Asset Managers, There Are Costs to Using Social Media – And To Not Using It During an enlightening, data-rich talk, Arianna Arzeni […]

October 23

Three things I’ve learned as an investment writer

Compliance people are nervous. They need to be soothed with gentle, conditional verbs: This fund should spread your risk by investing your money across a wide range of assets. Returns could grow your investment over the medium to long term. If the selected stocks perform well, the fund can expect to do better than its […]

October 09

Three things I’ve learned as an investment writer

Between the 15 or so regular writers that steer the good ship Copylab, we’ve gathered over 200 years’ experience in writing, investing and investment writing. That’s more than 800 quarter ends. Along with the deep mental scars that entails, we’ve all learned a few things along the way. So we thought we’d share some of […]