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May 05

Copylab Meets: Anne-Marie McConnon, Head of Marketing EMEA at BNY Mellon Investment Management

Anne-Marie McConnon has seen some changes in her time. In more than eight years as a leader in investment marketing at M&G and then BNY Mellon Investment Management, Anne-Marie has overseen rebrands, implemented digital strategies, and headed brand-awareness campaigns across Europe and the Middle East – while also finding time to help launch the massively […]

March 01

Copylab Meets: Fintech Lawyer Lucy Frew On How Financial Firms Can Deal With Social Media

Social media is a field that both excites and exasperates marketers working in investment management. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) released generally well-received guidelines on social media use late last year, but the rules have prompted a great deal of debate on how they work in practice, and how marketers should behave when working with […]

February 26

8 Bits of Financial Jargon That Must Go — But Won’t

Few things divide like jargon. While inspiring terror or teeth-gnashing rage in communications pros, people using such language might meet it with a shrug of indifference or, worse, a glint of pride. So what, you might reasonably ask, is so bad about jargon? Though often superficially appealing – and, we’ll grudgingly admit, useful to financial […]

February 01

How To Differentiate in Finance Using Values-Based Content Marketing: 6 Case Studies

Two pieces of received wisdom echo around the world of marketing: It’s almost impossible to meaningfully differentiate commoditised products. In heavily regulated industries, you can’t be truly distinctive or creative. But how true are they? EXHIBIT 1: Apple Among a vast swathe of the world’s population, a single glance at this logo will trigger a raft […]

January 04

Five inescapable office email clichés – and why we can’t escape them

Originally posted on Copylab Blog:
Like haiku, football commentary and Tannoy announcements on the Tube, office email has a culture and vernacular all its own. We agonise over cc etiquette; we fume over wordy or bewilderingly brief messages; we dream of inbox zero. And like all widely used languages, office email also boasts its own…

November 30

6 Key Takeaways from the Investment Week Marketing & Social Media Conference

Investment Week’s social media conference took place last Friday, bringing together an illustrious cast of industry thinkers, digital leaders and legal experts. Here are some of the key points we heard: 1. For Asset Managers, There Are Costs to Using Social Media – And To Not Using It During an enlightening, data-rich talk, Arianna Arzeni […]

October 01

Seven Great Tools For Investment Writers

1) City Falcon For the time-pressed investment writer, it is a crushingly familiar tale: you need to know – now – why that Brazilian sugar refiner sparkled during the month, or what drove that Swiss auto-parts giant over the speculative cliff. That’s where newcomer City Falcon comes in. Basically an aggregator of financial news, City […]