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March 01

Copylab Meets: Fintech Lawyer Lucy Frew On How Financial Firms Can Deal With Social Media

Social media is a field that both excites and exasperates marketers working in investment management. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) released generally well-received guidelines on social media use late last year, but the rules have prompted a great deal of debate on how they work in practice, and how marketers should behave when working with […]

February 02

Getting Started on Twitter for Investment Marketers: Dealing with Risk

Take one of the world’s most regulated industries, add in understandably zealous compliance teams, mix with a freewheeling, instantaneous communications platform, and what do you have? If you answered “an unholy mess” or somesuch, you’re almost certainly not alone. But compliance is no longer the show-stopper it once was for financial marketers looking to use […]

November 07

Getting Started on Twitter for Investment Marketers: Why?

Sit down for this, but Twitter is a Very Big Thing. Worldwide, the 140-character social media site has more than 270 million active users. Every single day, Tweeters send out some 500 million tweets. It’s played a part in countless breaking news stories and even national uprisings. For the latest musings from world leaders, business […]