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March 22

Things you want to know about commas

So small, the humble comma, and surely so simple. Everyone can work out when to use a comma, can’t they? Well, for those who aren’t sure, here are some tips. For starters, commas are used to separate things like names, quotations or questions from the rest of a sentence: Have a biscuit, Potter.  I asked […]

March 07

6 Top Tips For Writing Successful Fixed Income Commentary

Bonds. Just the word itself can be enough to bring investment writers out in hives. Deemed difficult by some and boring by others, bonds are like the shambling drunk at the party. No-one wants to get up close and personal. For your average investor, that’s a problem. Lots of people up and down the country, […]

March 04

The Mothers of Investment

Copylab mothers, we salute you. So, in honour of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together all the best pearls of financial wisdom handed down to us from our mothers – and even our grandmothers. Now, if only we could follow them… Start contributing to your pension when you’re young.  Clear your debts as fast as possible. […]

February 26

8 Bits of Financial Jargon That Must Go — But Won’t

Few things divide like jargon. While inspiring terror or teeth-gnashing rage in communications pros, people using such language might meet it with a shrug of indifference or, worse, a glint of pride. So what, you might reasonably ask, is so bad about jargon? Though often superficially appealing – and, we’ll grudgingly admit, useful to financial […]

February 24

Infographic: 7 Top Tips For Writing a Successful Fund Commentary

Following on from our recent blog post on this very topic, here are our top tips for writers looking to nail those fund commentaries:

February 18

Words We’re Scared To Use: But, but, but…

The first in an occasional series about words that people are wary of using… 1. But me some buts! For me, one of the best lessons in editing came from reading out essays during college tutorials. Bleary with sleeplessness yet strung out with the gallon of coffee that had sustained me, I’d stammer out the […]

December 16

The Top 5 Most Giftable Writing Guides

As it’s the season of gifting – and we happen to know a few people who make a living off the written word – we’ve put together a list of the top five loveliest writing manuals to give this December. The below editions of some of the best-loved guides are as aesthetically pleasing as they […]

December 08

Making it count: how to shorten your copy in 10 easy steps

This is the first in a series of “how to” blogs in which we’ll explore some of the tricks of our trade. Most writers often have to work to specific word counts. These limits may seem arbitrary but are usually due to the space available in templates or typeset documents. Your first draft of an […]

December 04

The Active Voice Is Always Better – Except When It Isn’t

Lots of company style guides stress the importance of using the active voice over the passive voice. In fact, it’s often enshrined as one of the cardinal house-style rules. And usually this is a good idea, as business speak and business writing can be horribly littered with clunky passives when active verbs would be much […]

October 01

Seven Great Tools For Investment Writers

1) City Falcon For the time-pressed investment writer, it is a crushingly familiar tale: you need to know – now – why that Brazilian sugar refiner sparkled during the month, or what drove that Swiss auto-parts giant over the speculative cliff. That’s where newcomer City Falcon comes in. Basically an aggregator of financial news, City […]