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March 29

Copylab Hits the Freedom Trail

I’m excited to announce today that we’re opening an office in America – Copylab’s first venture outside the UK. After more than a year of research and planning, we’ve decided to begin our overseas expansion by setting up shop in Boston, Massachusetts. (See here and here for media coverage of our expansion.) The aim of […]

December 11

Getting Started on Twitter for Investment Marketers: How?

OK, so you’re broadly convinced of the merits of getting yourself on Twitter. Now what? Working out how to get started on Twitter depends very much on what your aims are. Too often, a company will dive straight into social media for no better reason than that it “should” have a presence there. While we’re […]

November 07

Getting Started on Twitter for Investment Marketers: Why?

Sit down for this, but Twitter is a Very Big Thing. Worldwide, the 140-character social media site has more than 270 million active users. Every single day, Tweeters send out some 500 million tweets. It’s played a part in countless breaking news stories and even national uprisings. For the latest musings from world leaders, business […]

September 19

5 ways to name your company

A company’s name matters. It can tell customers something about what an organisation does, or the values it wants to project. Or it can simply be a device to stick in the mind. Last week, one of the team asked me how I came up with ‘Copylab’. It started me thinking about the asset-management industry […]