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May 06

How To Save Your Fund Managers’ Time (And Other Major Benefits of an Investment Writing Team)

There are few things in the investment world more important than crisp, timely writing. When the going’s rough, the arrival of insightful and dispassionately written commentary (with all the apostrophes and hyphens precisely where they should be) can provide just the tonic an edgy investor needs to reassure her. Conversely, when times are good, tight, […]

March 01

Copylab Meets: Fintech Lawyer Lucy Frew On How Financial Firms Can Deal With Social Media

Social media is a field that both excites and exasperates marketers working in investment management. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) released generally well-received guidelines on social media use late last year, but the rules have prompted a great deal of debate on how they work in practice, and how marketers should behave when working with […]

February 02

Getting Started on Twitter for Investment Marketers: Dealing with Risk

Take one of the world’s most regulated industries, add in understandably zealous compliance teams, mix with a freewheeling, instantaneous communications platform, and what do you have? If you answered “an unholy mess” or somesuch, you’re almost certainly not alone. But compliance is no longer the show-stopper it once was for financial marketers looking to use […]

December 11

Getting Started on Twitter for Investment Marketers: How?

OK, so you’re broadly convinced of the merits of getting yourself on Twitter. Now what? Working out how to get started on Twitter depends very much on what your aims are. Too often, a company will dive straight into social media for no better reason than that it “should” have a presence there. While we’re […]

November 07

Getting Started on Twitter for Investment Marketers: Why?

Sit down for this, but Twitter is a Very Big Thing. Worldwide, the 140-character social media site has more than 270 million active users. Every single day, Tweeters send out some 500 million tweets. It’s played a part in countless breaking news stories and even national uprisings. For the latest musings from world leaders, business […]