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April 21

10 Tips For How Finance Marketers Can Navigate Compliance

If you work in financial marketing, you really should be best buddies with the people in compliance. Both departments have the same goal: to create literature that will promote the business, engage the customer, sell the product and comply with strict guidelines. So why, when marketing and compliance get together, does it feel like battle lines […]

March 22

Things you want to know about commas

So small, the humble comma, and surely so simple. Everyone can work out when to use a comma, can’t they? Well, for those who aren’t sure, here are some tips. For starters, commas are used to separate things like names, quotations or questions from the rest of a sentence: Have a biscuit, Potter.  I asked […]

March 11

How to Write in a Positive Tone

In the tone-of-voice guidelines given to company writers, ‘be positive’ is often one of the cornerstones. So if the instruction is to interact with optimism, how is it actually done? We all want to be positive. Positive is good, positive is upbeat. Persuasive evidence shows that we tend to respond well to positive people and […]

March 04

The Mothers of Investment

Copylab mothers, we salute you. So, in honour of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together all the best pearls of financial wisdom handed down to us from our mothers – and even our grandmothers. Now, if only we could follow them… Start contributing to your pension when you’re young.  Clear your debts as fast as possible. […]

February 09

BookLab: What a Buddhist Monk Can Tell Us About Office Meetings

The Art of Communicating by Thich Nhat Hanh Buddhism and business are no strangers to one another – Apple’s Steve Jobs and many other stellar CEOs have praised meditation for its part in their achievements. Nhat Hanh is a renowned Vietnamese Buddhist monk who writes, paints, campaigned for peace during the Vietnam War, and has […]

December 04

The Active Voice Is Always Better – Except When It Isn’t

Lots of company style guides stress the importance of using the active voice over the passive voice. In fact, it’s often enshrined as one of the cardinal house-style rules. And usually this is a good idea, as business speak and business writing can be horribly littered with clunky passives when active verbs would be much […]

October 23

Three things I’ve learned as an investment writer

Compliance people are nervous. They need to be soothed with gentle, conditional verbs: This fund should spread your risk by investing your money across a wide range of assets. Returns could grow your investment over the medium to long term. If the selected stocks perform well, the fund can expect to do better than its […]