April 20

The Accidental Feminist: How Copylab Is Helping the 30% Club

I’m proud that we’re a discriminating employer. And that we discriminate on the basis of one single characteristic – talent. When it comes to recruitment, we’ve honed our process in the course of hiring more than 35 full-time, part-time and freelance writers in the past three years. Our obsession is in testing the talent of […]

April 13

Filmlab: Best Movies about Writing – Sideways

Everyone has a novel in them, but not everyone has a novel in them that people want to publish. That’s the hard truth Paul Giamatti’s failing writer Miles is facing in Sideways, Alexander Payne’s delightfully discomfiting 2004 road movie about two middle-aged friends on a week-long tasting trip through California’s wine country. The excursion is […]

April 05

Why I’m off Facebook (and staying off)

I deleted my Facebook four months ago, and I don’t miss it. Neither the racist memes (thanks, Auntie), nor the photos of kids I’ll never meet, nor the diatribes against the Great Starbucks Injustices my friends faced on their journeys back from yoga. If you really spent £1,200 to fly to that locale just so […]

March 29

Copylab Hits the Freedom Trail

I’m excited to announce today that we’re opening an office in America – Copylab’s first venture outside the UK. After more than a year of research and planning, we’ve decided to begin our overseas expansion by setting up shop in Boston, Massachusetts. (See here and here for media coverage of our expansion.) The aim of […]

March 22

Things you want to know about commas

So small, the humble comma, and surely so simple. Everyone can work out when to use a comma, can’t they? Well, for those who aren’t sure, here are some tips. For starters, commas are used to separate things like names, quotations or questions from the rest of a sentence: Have a biscuit, Potter.  I asked […]

March 18

20 Questions With Copylab Founder Ross Hunter

To coincide with the forthcoming launch of Copylab Inc in the USA, our operations manager, Emma Whiting, sat down with Ross Hunter, Copylab’s founder, to get his thoughts on his past, his present and what his goals are for himself and Copylab’s future. What was your first job? A copywriter with Scottish Amicable, writing and editing 32-page […]

March 11

How to Write in a Positive Tone

In the tone-of-voice guidelines given to company writers, ‘be positive’ is often one of the cornerstones. So if the instruction is to interact with optimism, how is it actually done? We all want to be positive. Positive is good, positive is upbeat. Persuasive evidence shows that we tend to respond well to positive people and […]