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October 23

Three things I’ve learned as an investment writer

Compliance people are nervous. They need to be soothed with gentle, conditional verbs: This fund should spread your risk by investing your money across a wide range of assets. Returns could grow your investment over the medium to long term. If the selected stocks perform well, the fund can expect to do better than its […]

September 25

Bugger the rugger

So, the Rugby World Cup has started, and I have a fairly dubious reason for welcoming it. It goes back to February 2013. Fuelled by unbounded optimism (and probably beer), I rashly declared to my then-boyfriend that Scotland would beat England in the Six Nations. Now, while lots of fun things happened in February 2013 […]

September 18

Challenging London – the Northern Supercity

As a recent newcomer to Yorkshire, I’m intrigued to learn that my current abode might one day be part of a Northern supercity. I first heard of this via Jim O’Neill, the ex-Goldman Sachs guy who spawned the ubiquitous acronym, ‘BRICS‘. Turns out he had an even worse term up his sleeve: ManSheffLeedsPool. His vision […]

July 10

Urban Warfare: London

Copylab’s Katy Gardner swings the second blow in our protracted battle of the cities. In the words of Samuel Johnson, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” I couldn’t agree more. I love living in London, I really do. Having […]

February 11

Smoothie Talker

Ah, Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent, the smoothie company – he’s young, hip, good looking, with pirate hair, a touch of stubble AND he’s a super-successful multi-millionaire. If central casting were to design an entrepreneur from scratch, they would probably come up with Richard Reed. He was the guest speaker at a conference I went […]

February 05

Hooray for Giraffedata!

There are few things more heartening than reading of a lone, heroic struggle against the forces of darkness. So we at Copylab were delighted to learn of Giraffedata, aka Bryan Henderson, a crusader against ugly prose on Wikipedia.   Giraffedata wages his war on a narrow front: the use of that loathsome phrase “comprised of”. […]

January 30

Italy: breaking bread or breaking loose

On some parts of the Italian Med you can’t swing a strand of overpriced spaghetti without marking somebody’s mustard chinos. Not in Western Liguria, though. It’s mostly the sun-seeking Speedo types from Milan and Turin that flock there. But one of our freelancers is an exception. So while he’s enjoying some vitamin D, we asked […]