Copylab Hits the Freedom Trail

I’m excited to announce today that we’re opening an office in America – Copylab’s first venture outside the UK. After more than a year of research and planning, we’ve decided to begin our overseas expansion by setting up shop in Boston, Massachusetts. (See here and here for media coverage of our expansion.)

The aim of Copylab Inc will be the same as that of our team in the UK – to serve the asset management community with our full range of marketing communications, copywriting and investment writing services.

Meet Copylab’s first team member on US shores

Our North American team will be led by John D Connolly, an experienced investment writer who joins us from The Boston Company Asset Management. John will develop our business in the US and Canada, and build a team of investment writers locally.

Copylab USA John and Ross march 2016

John will also have access to our global team, the largest part of which is in the UK. With a team of 18 permanent writers, and a large number of part-time and freelance scribes on our roster, we believe we’re the largest investment writing team in the UK.

Our existing clients in the UK will also have access to the North American writing team that John is building. This represents an exciting opportunity for our European clients to access the skills and knowledge of our US-based writers, who can write with a local perspective on US financial markets.

A man with a plan

The launch of our first overseas office in Boston is not an idle foray into foreign lands. We have a clear plan.

We’ve been thinking for 18 months about how we can grow our business and continue to give our asset management clients a great service. We’re mindful that a large number of our investment clients in the UK happen to be global multinational corporations. Knowing that, it seemed obvious to develop our business strategy by considering how we can best support the plans of those clients around the world. We have already consulted with many of them and researched our global proposition in New York and Boston, but also in Hong Kong, Singapore and parts of the Middle East.

As a result of this significant investment in our business’s future, we are confident that the launch of our Boston office today is just the first step in an international strategy – a strategy designed to complement the international growth plans of the global asset management community.

We look forward to telling you more about the development of our plans over the weeks and months ahead.

If you would like to find out more about our expansion, and how we might support your company across your chosen markets worldwide, please get in touch.