January 26

Our new home

“Going down to South Block, gonna have myself a time.

Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptations.”

We’ve moved. Copylab’s headed east. But not to Edinburgh – we’ve shifted only 400 yards along the road from the noisy, gothic Queen Street to the elegant, glittery Merchant City. Our new home is the award-winning South Block, which is described as a hub for “visual artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs”. Quite which category we fall into is debateable. But we’re delighted to have been allowed in. Perhaps they saw some of the beards on our team, and took us for a bunch of hipsters.The coming month also brings a first for us as we host a prospective new client for the day. They’re coming for an onsite visit to look us up and down, see how we do things, and hopefully find out that we’re a little less childish than the kids from South Park.

In fact, if any of you want to come and visit us, our door is open, the coffee is on, and there’s a desk for you if you want to spend the day. You can also check out our funky flooring – reclaimed from a sports hall in Barnsley – still with the lines from the basketball court.

For the record our new address is:
Studio 226, South Block, 60-64 Osborne Street, Glasgow G1 5QH

Ross Hunter, 26 January 2014